Tips for How to Flatten Your Stomach

There are numerous myths about how to flatten your stomach. Unfortunately, most of these myths are at best misleading, and at worst harmful enough to sabotage your efforts at flattening your stomach.


If you really want to get a flatter stomach, follow these tips and learn how to flatten your stomach the right way:

1. Localized fat reduction is a myth. Your body gains weight all over and loses it the same way. Forget about the miracle gadgets, potions, and pills advertised on television that promise instant results. Save your money and devote your energy to more sensible eating and regular exercise.

2. Do at least 30 minutes of intense exercise daily. Intense exercise is the best way to burn more calories. Aim for about 30 minutes of intense physical activity a day, such as doing one of our Austin Boot Camp and Kickboxing classes. Supplement that with lifestyle changes like using the stairs instead of the elevator.

3. Strengthen your upper body muscles. Building strong muscles in your shoulders, chest, and back will improve your posture and keep your abdomen from sticking out. Exercising with sand bags or kettlebells a few times each week will help with this.

4. Tone your stomach muscles. Spot exercises are effective, but only in combination with cardiovascular exercise and strength training. Crunches and leg lifts tighten and tone your stomach muscles, and you’ll get plenty of those in our Tuesday and Thursday Core and Cardio boot camps and in our Kickboxing classes!

5. Have fun. Make your exercise routine enjoyable so you’ll want to stick with it. Reward yourself when you make progress towards a slimmer waistline.

A Few Final Tips on How to Flatten Your Stomach

There are two approaches you can take to flatten your stomach; a slow and steady approach, or in a short focused effort. However, crash dieting is never a good idea when trying to get better abs. Never use crash dieting as a means of losing body fat. It’ll wreck your metabolism, and you’ll likely end up with more body fat than before once you stop your crash diet.

A flat stomach can work wonders on your health and appearance. Now that you know how to flatten your stomach,  simply eat right and exercise daily, and you’ll be loving your new look in no time!

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So What Is Fighting Fit2 Boot Camp?

Fighting Fit2 Boot Camp™ is an innovative and exciting program combining outdoor fitness instruction with the same combat sport conditioning methods pro fighters use. This program is now being offered for the first time in your area.

The program was conceived and created by self-defense and fitness instructor Michael Massie, BAAS, CPT. It is the first program of its kind to combine outdoor fitness training with combat sport conditioning, so participants can maximize their results in the program.


“Why Should I Choose This Workout… Why Not Just Join A Gym or Workout at Home?”

Simple… Fighting Fit2 Boot Camp is a hard-core workout where people get results. Our methods will get you better results in a shorter period of time than conventional weight training or aerobics classes.

An even better reason for doing Fighting Fit2 is so you have accountability. What good is a gym membership if you don’t go? What good is that treadmill or DVD if you don’t use it? Fighting Fit2 offers you a place to go where you’ll have support and accountability, something you won’t get from your workout DVD or gym membership.

“Do You Offer Help with Nutrition?”

When you start, Fighting Fit2 Boot Camp provides you an easy-to-follow nutrition plan that is designed to increase your results from the program. Trainees who follow the plan report even greater fat loss and weight reduction than those who simply try to “eat right.”

You should also know that whether you choose to follow the entire nutrition plan or not,we require you to change certain eating habits in order to become a part of Fighting Fit2Boot Camp. Expect your coaches and your cohort both to keep you accountable for the duration of your time with us.

“What If I Am Not Very Physically Fit?”

Honestly, you should know that this may not be the workout for everyone. It’s a real fighter’s workout designed to get you in shape fast.

However, we are here to help you become more fit and to show you how to adopt a fitness lifestyle. So, if you’re willing to put in the effort, we’ll help you reach your goals regardless of your current fitness level.

“Is There Any Contact Involved?”

While we do integrate combat fitness training drills into each Fighting Fit2 Boot Camp training session, this is not a fight class. However, we do offer that training in our other programs.

We recommend starting off with completing at least one four-week boot camp before you start learning fighting skills; after you’ve finished your first four weeks in F2 Boot Camp you are welcome to start learning fighting skills in our other classes.

“How Often Does the Camp Meet?”

New participants workout two to three days a week; more advanced trainees may choose to work out more often by attending at more than one location.

“What Happens During Bad Weather?”

Indoor boot camp fitness program.Indoor training sessions are the norm during bad weather days. Unlike other boot camp programs, you’ll always get your workouts in at F2 Boot Camps!

Each Fighting Fit2 Boot Camp training session begins promptly at the designated start time. Classes for new recruits typically meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings each and every week of camp, except on scheduled holidays.

“What Can I Expect to Get Out of Attending Fighting Fit2 Boot Camp?”

As any fighter who has been through training camp will tell you, the type of physical training you go through produces tremendous results in fat loss, increased strength, improved endurance, and by improving your percentage of lean body tissue.

Fighting Fit2 Boot Camp gets real results – so long as you faithfully attend camp and make good nutrition choices (remember, we provide you with a nutrition guide that has tips and meal suggestions to maximize your efforts) you will see results after as little as four weeks in camp.

“Will I Get Bored?”

Fun workout routines.What you’re really asking is, “Will I want to quit?” The answer to that is, Fighting Fit2 Boot Camp will challenge you in a way that more traditional activities like weight-lifting and aerobics can’t.

Experience has taught us that Fighting Fit2 training methods get results in a much shorter period of time than conventional workouts – so your results will be what keeps you motivated and coming to class.

“How Many People Will Be In My Fighting Fit2 Boot Camp?”

We strive to keep our trainee-to-coach ratio at around 15-to-1. However, group participation will vary from 10 to 25 participants on any given day. We have found that the bigger the group, the more fun you will have during training!

“How Much Does the Camp Cost?”

Boot camps cost less than hiring personal trainers.Personal trainers typically charge $50 to $250 per hour for their services, yet you’ll be receiving instruction from our certified boot camp fitness trainers for just a fraction of that cost.

Each Fighting Fit Boot Camp location sets their own rates, which allows each location to offer competive rates while still keeping program quality high.

Typically, our clients end up paying less than half what it would cost to hire the cheapest trainer at one of the big box gyms around town, and the typical 4-week boot camp costs about $600 to $1,200 less than 12 one-on-one sessions with an elite trainer like Coach Massie.

Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of going through the same training with other people in your cohort – that’s a benefit no one-to-one program can match.

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Lose Fat – Fat Loss Secrets

Fat Loss Secrets

What is the key to burning fat calories during exercise?Good question! During your aerobic exercise, our body goes through several key stages before it reaches that pivotal point where you are in the fat burning zone. You can also try to do stretching machine workout to loose some fat quickly.


People say that you are only burning carbs and not the fat during the first 10 minutes of your exercise routine. This is true to a point. The body does burn your ’sugar reserves’ if you are  not working out hard enough for your body to want more oxygen.

The key is to  exercise  at a steady pace so your body will utilize your fat reserves and not just ‘carbs’  for energy.  The  fat burning stage works because you are moving at a pace that is right for your body and requires you to get more oxygen intake.

So can I burn fat at rest?

You can continue to burn fat calories long after your work out through weight training. Weight training is the best way of burning fat calories at rest.

What is interesting is that lifting weights causes you to burn a lot of  ‘carb calories’ requiring a higher caloric intake.  However, the magic fat burning happens because weight training actually improves your metabolism. This jump in metabolism enables your body to burn fat reserves at rest.

So how does this apply to the fitness boot camp?

To make your body the fat burning machine you have dreamed of,  you must do cardio and weight training exercises. The Evansville Fitness Boot Camp and Mount Vernon Fitness Boot Camp provide a great workout that combines the aerobic activity along with body weight training activities that will boost your fat burning machine to whole new levels.

Boot Campers are seeing tremendous results at the Mount Vernon Boot Camp where students have lost eight pounds in over two weeks and continue to hit their weight loss and fitness goals.

Simply put, the fighting fit fitness boot camps in Evansville and Mount Vernon Indiana are the ideal way to transform your body into the healthier, happier body of your dreams!

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Member Hits Weight Loss Goal

Member Hits Weight Loss Goal

Jason Spindler is a real champ at http://www.evansvillebootcamp.com

I am very proud to announce that Jason Spindler has already met his personal weight loss goal of losing ten pounds! Please help me congratulate him for all the hard work he has put in to lose weight and get in great shape. You can read recumbent bike reviews and opt for the best possible recumbent bike and start working out indoor to loose some serious weight.

Jason told me when he started this program that he wants to feel better. He believes that the weight has kept him from enjoying things he would like to do. For example, the added weight has giving him pains in his joints and knees. Because he is a martial artist in one of my programs at Community Martial Arts, he wants to excel and has his black sash in sight. Joint pain and knee pain is making that goal in his life a struggle.

Jason has been adhering to the nutrition program and has done great. I know for a fact he is doing everything he can to achieve his goals. He has close to eliminated all soft drinks and makes sure that he eats healthy. This is a much harder feat than you think. He has two young boys at home who are ‘eating him out of house and home.’ Trying to stay on a diet and feed them food they like to eat is not the easiest of challenges.

Instead of giving up….

Instead of saying it is too hard…

Jason is a true CHAMPION!

Please congratulate Jason by watching the following video and shake his hand the next time you see him. He is totally kicking obesity in the butt!

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Fitness Boot Camp Programs

Fighting Fit Boot Camp of Austin is a full-service fitness studio in Wells Branch. We offer a full complement and schedule of fitness classes, including:


Fighting Fit Boot Camp Austin TXFighting Fit Boot Camp™ – This is “the original martial arts conditioning boot camp workout” where you’ll drop pounds and inches in our “never boring” boot camp classes.

Fighting Fit Boot Camps™ combine the best of fat burning cardio, muscle toning, and martial arts conditioning – to get you in shape, fast!

Fighting Fit Boot Camp™ is an innovative and exciting boot camp fitness and conditioning program. It combines indoor and outdoor fitness instruction with the same combat sport conditioning methods pro fighters use.

The program was conceived and created by internationally renowned “trainer of trainers” Mike Massie, and combat vet and former Army Ranger instructor SFC Jim Mahan.

Fighting Fit Kickboxing™ – These are real impact kickboxing classes where you’ll burn fat FAST and learn real kickboxing drills and combos…

Fighting Fit Kickboxing classes provide you with the best fitness kickboxing workout in Austin. While most cardio kickboxing classes are little more than glorified step aerobics, Fighting Fit Kickboxing is REAL kickboxing!

You’ll learn real kickboxing techniques and combinations while you get a killer workout on the pads and bags. And, you’ll also get interval training and resistance training in this class as well.

Nothing burns fat as fast as Fighting Fit Kickboxing – give us three months 3x a week, and we’ll give you a better body, guaranteed!

It is the first program of its kind to combine indoor/outdoor fitness training and nutritional coaching with combat sport conditioning, which allows you to maximize your fitness and weight loss results in the shortest time possible!

Fighting Fit Kettlebells™ – The most efficient workout available that’s perfect for you if you’re time-crunched and looking for something different…

Kettlebells have become all the rage in Hollywood with celebrities, actors, and models who need to look their best, and for good reason!

While traditional weights-based workouts tend to isolate muscle groups, kettlebells offer a unique strength workout that activates multiple muscle groups at once.

That means you burn more calories and work your muscles much more efficiently, getting an intense workout in half the time!

The best part is, our short convenient classes allow you to work in your workout no matter how time-crunched you are.

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Lose Weight, Get In Shape with Evansville Boot Camp

Get in Shape with the Evansville Boot Camp
Losing weight and getting in shape has never been easier!


When Jesse came to the program, he had a goal of losing 5-10 pounds. He has already reached the bottom limit of his goal and is shedding inches of his waist line. While Jesse is a man of few words, he is excited and dedicated to the fitness boot camp. Jesse works an odd schedule and often works evenings. He even worked it out with his boss so that he could attend the fitness boot camps by taking an hour off work and coming in.

I don’t know who is boss is, but I am thankful that there are people out there who truly see the benefit of health and fitness. A healthy and fit employee has more energy, stamina, and ultimately a better employee. A healthy employee is less sick and takes off less days due to fatigue and illness.

Look at the latest video of Jesse doing some of our workout routine. These are some of the great exercises you can do at the Evansville Fitness Boot Camp. I guarantee you will love the results! Come try a free class on me.

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